Storiesfromtheeast.com is a collection of travel stories and images  I collected while traveling to several destinations, the people I met during my travels and  memories from those travels.  Some are stories from yesteryear that haunt me and never fail to remind me who I am and where I come from.

I love Terengganu….the beautiful white sandy beaches, the friendly people.  Here the home page image is of Telaga Papan in Setiu.  There are fishermen coming in to offload their catch of the day.

“Sun, Sea, Sand and Coconuts”

Some say dreams are made of sun, sea, sand and coconuts, while some think a coconut is a definition of a taste of paradise. But where ever you are, the coconut has the ability to transport you to some beautiful tropical coastline in your mind. It is as if you were lying on some fine white sandy beach, sipping coconut water in beautiful Terengganu.


But do you know how much work goes into your coconut drink? And I don’t mean the sweat behind preparing some exotic coconut water cocktails in the bar or in the kitchen of a restaurant.  I mean the hard work behind getting the coconuts off the trees, some reaching to more than 60 or 70 feet high. In coconut farms in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, coconut farmers use monkeys to pick coconuts. Thailand took coconut plucking to the next level by having a Buddhist-inspired school in Surat Thani to train monkeys.  The school it seemed is funded to teach monkeys how to pick coconuts without use of force or violence.  The practice of using  pig-tailed macaques to pick coconuts started since around 400 years ago (https://www.npr.org Eliza Barkley,2011). Malaysia too has a school in Padang Halban, Kelantan, run by a 63 year old grandfather, Wan Ibrahim Wan Mat (news.com.au, April 2018) to train macaques to pick coconuts.

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5th May 2019