Storiesfromtheeast.com is a collection of travel stories and images  I collected while traveling to several destinations, the people I met during my travels and  memories from those travels.  Some are stories from yesteryear that haunt me and never fail to remind me who I am and where I come from.

I love Terengganu….the beautiful white sandy beaches, the beautiful sunsets, ravishing  sunrise friendly people.  Here the home page image is of Telaga Papan in Setiu.  There are fishermen coming in to offload their catch of the day.

My latest article is “A Kind of Paradise” under Category: Terengganu.  It is about Kampong Mangkok with the beach Pantai Penarik and her turquoise blue waters of the South China Sea on one side and the Sungai  Setiu  on the other.

Straddled between two bodies of water, the village lends two very different kinds of  charm.  On one side, I saw two brothers fishing as a boat passed by on the Setiu river.  This part of the river exuded a kampong charm that a film producer fell in love with and decided to shoot some scenes here for the 2018 production of the film “Pulang.

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23rd August 2019