Husna is a traveler.  She was a research chemist by training with an MSc in Analytical Chemistry from UK.  Her passion is travel, writing and photography. She traveled to Tunisia in the shadow of the Arab Spring in 2014 with her daughter.  She made a Trans Siberian trip via Mongolia in 2015 with a group of friends and wrote about her experiences briefly in her first travel book called “ A Train To Catch” published by Partridge Singapore in 2016.  She has since completed her second travel book in October 2018 titled “Whistle-Stops” which is yet to be published as an e-book and a print book. Some of the stories from this second book can be found in her travel blog called storiesfromtheeast.com.  Her blog, like her travel books, are mainly a collection of stories and images  of observations and reflections of  the people she met and places she visited.

Email her questions about the stories or the images at khusna1951@gmail.com