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“People & Places: Walk My Journey” is part travelogue and part personal memoir.  Many dream of breaking routines and pushing boundaries for that once-in-a-lifetime experience: taking buses, traveling around Turkey in the thick of winter, or crossing Siberia on the Trans Mongolian Express, or enjoying a campfire under the desert stars on the edge of the Sahara, or watching a bullfight in Madrid.  Some of these journeys were geographical ones while some were inner journeys, inspired by the writer’s recollections of people who she crossed path with. The essays were intended to give the reader a feel for the place.  They were written in a vivid emotive narration and storytelling style that would transport the reader back to the journey, as if he was there himself, travelling with the writer. These journeys are told in 22 essays, some of which are: 

  • Romance on the Trans Mongolian Express 
  • On the Edge of the Sahara  
  • Kyoto- A City of Gardens & Temples 
  • Discovering Tunis & Other Gems 
  • Unforgettable Istanbul 


People & Places Ebook

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3 reviews for People & Places Ebook

  1. Jachike Samuelson (verified owner)

    “I found the book enlightening and while I enjoyed Kassim’s journey as I read, it was how she presented her experiences that I found most interesting. I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars because it was a fantastic read with details about her travel adventures and an eye-opener to many other cultures and people worldwide. I recommend it to individuals hoping to start a travel journal and travel the world someday”.; Jachike Samuelson, August 2021

  2. Kevein Books n’ Reviews (verified owner)

    Though the book is bifurcated into two, I was glued to the first part for it was constantly feeding my traveler curiosity. I wish I could snip amazing pictures from the book…The Trans Mongolian Express at Ulan Bator station…I wish I could board Jammu to Kanyakumari train that will take me from North to South – the entire length of India.

    Husna vividly captures her encounters with cultural point of interests, cuisines & restaurants, and peculiar things of the places and people in the souks, markets, alleys, streets, etc. Most fascinating ones include that one hotel in Spain offering stew of a bull killed in a bull fight. She initiated a healthy debate on same…as why half Spain loves and opposes the bull fighting.

    Wherever she goes, she tries to capture the mood of people about social, political, and economical issues. For that I found her discussing one deputy PM of Malaysia, interviewed a few people in Turkey about its president, Erdoğan, and shared snippets of Arab uprising in Tunisia and there is more in the depths of the book.

    An all-encompassing travelogue in its soul and spirit! Beautifully written with pictures that adorn the narration way beyond its limit! You can buy the book from Amazon/Kindle.


    (November , 2022)

  3. Saby Reviews (verified owner)

    “People & Places: Walk My Journey” by Husna Kassim is a lovely book that mixes travel experiences and the author’s memories of glorious days in her native country Malaysia.

    The book vividly recounts the best travel experiences the author had while traveling through countries like Tunisia, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Japan, etc. Her experiences of journey and meeting people, soaking in the marketplace was like a once-in-a-lifetime sort of experiences. A fire camp in Sahara desert, exploring Turkey at her own terms, cycling in Kyoto in Japan, and that Siberian train journey of 6 days – Oh my god – the more I think of all, the heady I feel to being there.

    Probably, it’s the first book of its own kind where the author share experiences of abroad travels but puts her native country’s travel memories in Kampongs at first place. Yes, the way she leveraged pictures of stunning and quiet small coastal villages of Malaysia, I fully confirm to feel like visiting her country at the first opportunity. Other than sharing travel moments, toothsome cuisine tastes, cultural landmarks, history and heritage, archaeology, and nature points and places, the book also offers a segment for folks, tales, and encounters of interesting yet strange people, along with her own life’s snatches of 1960s childhood. The book is rich, focused linearly, and exudes elegant diversity of travel experience for new-age travelers and digital nomads alike. “

    The USP of travel books is that the more you engage with it, the longer it keeps you entwined. As a matter of fact, I was drawn to the book Places & Places upon seeing it Saharian dessert cover page, besides the author did a wonderful job by including pictures of all places that she went to. My Rating: 4 out of 5!


    (November , 2022)

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