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“Through engaging photos and musings, Husna Kassim documents a memoir of a debut journey of a group of over-sixties old friends travelling through Siberia and the Balkan states on the Trans Mongolian Express, the Balkan Express and other less exotic trains.  This book is about memories of people they met while journeying from Beijing to Moscow, through Mongolia, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Warsaw, Budapest  and Zagreb.  Savouring  scenic Siberia and fascinating Mongolia, with its wild horses grazing on the Steppes and fleeting images of yurts and gers dotting  the horizon……..What started out as an awkward mix of characters bound for a falling-out, resulted in a colorful travel experience  of a life time, sometimes punctuated by amusing episodes of miscommunication but always pulling through in comradeship.  A journey such as this, with its challenges and opportunities, allows the traveler to discover who she really is, in a way only the road brings.”

ISBN-13: 9781482864434 (print book)

ISBN-10: 1482864436 (e-book)

Publisher: Partridge Singapore


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