My Upcoming Book

It has been a very long 6 months since I last wrote in my travel blog. This was partly due to my engagement in 3 book projects. One is my own book which never seemed to finish its twentieth editing. The second is my school TKC fraternity book “Ordinary Women, extraordinary Lives” which took a lot shorter time than my own book because it was 23 people writing with a deadline. The most recent is Old Girls Tunku Kurshiah College where I had to contribute an essay.

So do you ladies & gentlemen want to see my own book back summary? It may be published by January 2021. here it is, the back book summary:

Title: “Travelling Tales”


Travelling Tales” is a book of the author’s life’s journeys, some were geographical journeys, while some were inner journeys.  During her geographical journeys, the writer broke routines, pushing her boundaries, and ended up taking buses around Turkey in the thick of winter; enjoyed a campfire under the Saharan desert stars in Douz; took the Trans Mongolian Express across Siberia; watched a bullfight in Madrid, and many other once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Her inner journeys took her back to the writer’s past life and some painful memories.  The essays were written in a vivid emotive narration and storytelling style that would transport the reader back to the journey, as if he was there himself, travelling with the writer. These journeys are told in 23 essays, some of which are:

  • A Paradise of Sorts
  • Weekend Escape in Langkawi
  • Living On Borrowed Time
  • A Big City with A Small-Town Feel – Kyoto
  • Discovering Tunis & Other Gems
  • Unforgettable Istanbul

A chemist by profession with a love for writing, Husna Kassim’s first travel book, “A Train to Catch”, based on her Trans-Mongolian trip, was published in 2016 by Partridge Singapore.  Since then, she has been actively writing on her travel blog .  Her article “Putrajaya, the Smart City” was published in Going Places, a Malaysian Airline System in-flight magazine, August 2019 issue.  She received the Jasmina Awards 2019, My Malaysia category for her article “A Kind of Paradise”.  She was part of the editorial team and contributed essays to a book due to be published November 2020 “Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives”.